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Effective Date: December 8, 2020

Last Modified: December 8, 2020

Policy on Subpoenas for User Records

As an Internet service provider, CamsYChat maintains certain information concerning users' activities on this website as disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Pursuant to our Privacy Policy, we keep such information confidential to the extent that it identifies a particular individual, except under certain instances described more fully in our Privacy Policy. One such instance is in the case where we receive a subpoena, summons, court order, or other legal process that compels our disclosure of information. In the event that we receive a valid request from law enforcement or a court of competent jurisdiction, we will comply by disclosing the requested information. As set forth in our Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to cooperate with law enforcement at all times and will provide them copies of any and all information required in furtherance of any investigation relating to user activity on CamsYChat.

If you are a member of law enforcement or an attorney seeking information relevant to a pending litigation, please feel free to mail your legal request using the following contact information:

SM Tech Media LLC
315 Laclede Avenue
Uniondale, NY 11553