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Finding out that my aunt had jerked off my friend had been hard, and I really wanted to punish her, so I had been thinking about it all day and wanted to see how I could do it.

She at night she prepared a quick dinner, and she told me that she was going to the room because she was wanting to talk to her boyfriend, I did the same and connected to Badoo.

In five minutes she was there in front of the webcam.

ANDREA // Hello love, how are you?

JAVIER // Hello darling.

ANDREA // Did you read the message I wrote you this morning?

Uffff, now the bad was coming, I was willing to tell her how dirty she was because of the way she had behaved, but if she did it, I would surely not fuck, so I decided to manipulate her by saying what she wanted to hear.

JAVIER // Yes, my love, you don't know how excited I was when reading it, just thinking that you were with a stranger jerking him off has made me a hundred.

ANDREA // But he was not a stranger, he was a friend of my nephew. Did you really like him? Don't you care that he did it?

JAVIER // No darling, I don't care, I was just surprised that you did it with Yeray, because since you never want to do anything new that I ask of you.

I saw how my aunt changed the expression of her face and she was thoughtful.

ANDREA // Yes, and in other circumstances I would never have done it, but since my good nephew always insists that I have to put more of my part into this relationship, and since you say that I must have more initiative for this, I was sure that you were going to like it and I jumped almost without thinking.

Above all, it was my fault, I had done it for me, just thinking about it made me nervous, but I wanted to close the subject and go to practicality to fuck her as soon as possible, so with my warmth and little tact, I went straight to the point.

JAVIER // Very good my love, I like that you do it for me, but now show me those wonderful tits that I am looking forward to seeing them.

ANDREA // Damn, you seem to only think about that.

JAVIER // But love, you know how much I like to see you.

ANDREA // Yes already. Me or my boobs? All men are the same, you cannot trust any of them.

I saw that things started badly, so before spoiling everything I decided to change the conversation, we chatted for more than an hour and in the end, after several attempts, I did not get anything at all. We were like this for the next four days, me trying and she getting angry, so I decided to wait for my aunt to take the initiative from her.

After five days without sex, and when it seemed that things were going better, when I returned from the University I found my aunt sitting on the sofa covered with a blanket.

JAVIER // What's wrong Andrea?

ANDREA // I'm very sick, my period has come down and I have a fatal gut.

JAVIER // But that with a pill can be solved. You've drunk something?

ANDREA // No honey, not yet.

Fuck! This I did not expect, now I could not have sex with her all week.

As it was so bad I went to the kitchen to prepare my food and when I left she was gone, I watched television and then I began to study. My aunt didn't come out of her room all afternoon.

As a nephew, the week was quiet, we ate and dined together and at night each in her room, and I, evidently, jerking off like desperate thinking about the blowjob and the fuck I had given my aunt.

On the fifth day, when I returned from Uni, Andrea was already different, she gave me a kiss and told me that a great night awaited us. I thought that that night yes, she was finally going to fuck that glorious ass, but my aunt surprised me by telling me to leave everything to go to the movies and then have dinner there. This threw me off the hook, if we left she couldn't connect to the chat, so I couldn't manipulate her to let her ass deflower. Had she noticed something?

At seven in the afternoon she came into my room and told me.

ANDREA // How am I? Do you like the way I'm dressed? You may be embarrassed to go out with me.

I looked her up and down and all I had to do was drool, she was wearing a very fine black miniskirt and a fitted white blouse that fitted her tits.

JAVIER // Fuck aunt, you look gorgeous, as she is going to be ashamed to go out with you.

ANDREA // Well that's not all.

With both of her hands she lifted her skirt and showed me her panties, it was a black lace thong that showed her ass from behind her and allowed us to imagine her pussy in front of her.

ANDREA // What do you think?

JAVIER // You are incredible, you just need to show me what you have on top.

Without hesitation, she unbuttoned her blouse and showed me the white mini bra, also made of lace, which clearly showed her erect brown nipples.

ANDREA // Will you give me your approval?

JAVIER // Ufff, without wanting to be gross, I already told you that my member is about to burst my pants.

ANDREA // Ha ha ha, you are a love, I love that you are so direct, I would never have thought that my nephew could warm up with me, much less tell me these atrocities. Come on sweetheart, grab the jacket and let's go.

We went to the movies, we asked for some popcorn, and although it was almost empty, we sat in the third to last row. The movie was romantic and almost halfway through my aunt began to cry, I took her by the arm and brought her closer to me, she rested her head on my shoulder and so she was watching the movie. By having her so close, my leg and hers were in contact and I saw that her miniskirt had risen considerably, leaving almost the entire thigh exposed, so that, with the friction, my cock had grown inside the pants and began to feel an overwhelming heat. I quickly lowered my hand and placed it on her leg, she didn't say anything, on the contrary, she shifted in the seat, sticking a little closer to me. This encouraged me and I decided to caress her more deeply rising from her and lowering my hand from her down her leg, finding no opposition from her, I introduced her between her thighs forcing her to separate her legs from her. She turned her face from her smiling and told me.

ANDREA // You're a pill.

I kissed her lips and put my hand directly under the miniskirt to be able to touch her panties, I gently brushed her sex and she moved slightly to drop and spread her legs a little more, which allowed me to put my fingers under the thong and touch her vulva that already felt wet.

ANDREA // Won't anyone see us?

JAVIER // No Andrea, the cinema is almost empty, don't worry.

My hand moved quickly under her panties and two of my fingers explored the inside of her pussy.

ANDREA // Ummm. Do you like to touch me?

JAVIER // Very much, I was looking forward to caressing you.

ANDREA // Go on love, I love that you do.

I ran a hand down her back and put it under her blouse, I looked for one of her nipples and pinched it above the bra, she flinched but encouraged me to keep doing it.

ANDREA // Yeah. I like it.

I twisted her nipple without much pressure as I didn't want to hurt her.

ANDREA // Stronger love, don't worry.

I no longer cut myself, I pinched it hard while twisting it.

ANDREA // That's the way honey, that's the way I like it.

With one hand inside her pussy and the other twisting her nipples, she hadn't realized there was a man two more seats to the right in the back row. He, hearing my aunt moan, had leaned forward to watch what we were doing. For a moment I stopped, but my aunt, who had not noticed his presence, told me.

ANDREA // Don't stop my love, please go on, go on.

I didn't think about it anymore, seeing that man watching us turned me on so much that my hand unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her breasts out of her allowing me to squeeze them hard, which made her moan. The man made a move to get closer and I said no with a movement of the head, but he ignored it and got in the back seat and to one side, from his position I could perfectly see the movement of my fingers under the panties and the shaking my aunt's tits. He tried to get closer and I said no, he gave up his attempt but I could see that he had his cock out of him and he was giving himself a good handjob at our expense.

Finally Andrea closed her legs tightly, squeezing my fingers that were still penetrating her sex, when she finished she dropped her head on my shoulder.

ANDREA // Thank you my love, you don't know how much you have relieved me, I needed it.

Now I was the one who wanted to cum from her, so I unbuttoned my pants, took out my cock and pushed her head down for her to suck it, she tried to get up, but I pressed and directed my cock to her mouth.

JAVIER // Now it's my turn to Andrea, please suck me off.

My aunt looked at me and winked at me, after she swallowed all of my cock raising and lowering her head rhythmically while I felt her lips adjust to hers.

JAVIER // How well you do it! Keep going do not stop.

She looked back at me smiling and her mouth continued to swallow my cock over and over again. The man behind did not lose detail and tried to get closer, but once again I pushed him away, I did not want this phenomenal blowjob to remain half because of him. From my position I could see how she continued to jerk off and how she moved without stopping trying to see my aunt sucking her, moments later she came splashing the seat. Andrea hadn't noticed anything and her head kept going up and down on my cock.

JAVIER // Damn, you do it well, I'm about to come.

ANDREA // Come on, do it now, cum in my mouth I'm going to swallow it all. -And she continued sucking.

Instantly I noticed how a hot stream of semen was coming out of my cock that went straight to my aunt's throat, I hunched over in the seat and with my hands I pushed her head hard so she wouldn't move away and kept sucking until she swallowed all of it. my milk. She noticed my pressure and continued sucking for a long time, when I stopped pressing her head she sat up smiling and she told me.

ANDREA // You don't worry, I'm not going to let a drop escape, although I don't care if you hold my head, I love to feel how you press me against you when you come.

At that moment she realized there was a man behind, he looked at me and covered his face, I shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to say. He quickly put his clothes on, took my hand, got up and pulled me to go. Once outside the cinema I could see that she was blushing.

ANDREA // Have you seen it all?

I didn't know what to say so I spoke a half truth

JAVIER // Yes Andrea, I didn't realize it until you were eating my cock and I couldn't stop, I'm sorry.

ANDREA // But has she seen you jerk me off and touch my boobs?

JAVIER // Well, I'm afraid so, she even wanted to touch them.

My aunt made a scared face, but she suddenly lit up her face and smiling she told me.

ANDREA // Wow! She could have had two men for me. Ummm, that's the dream of all women.

Yes, yes, the dream of all women, I already knew from her message on Badoo that that was her erotic fantasy.

JAVIER // Would you really have liked it?

ANDREA // No silly, just kidding. Hahaha.

She took me by the arm and we went to dinner, later, when I got home, I tried to kiss her and asked her to come to the room with me, she said no, that each of us go to her bed. It was clear that she once again she was left without me fucking her desired ass. Then I asked if she was not going to connect with her boyfriend today, she replied that no, that he only thought about seeing her boobs, so she was going to punish him for a couple of days. That scared me because she could lose the bargain of my life forever, I had never fucked a girl in her ass and now I was almost ready. She had Him so close! My aunt's blowjobs were spectacular, but her ass was divine, and also a virgin.

The next day passed normally and at night we had dinner, watched TV and went to bed, yes, separately. I connected to badoo, but she did not appear, things were getting bad and I began to think that there would be nothing to do.

The next night, at dinner time, I noticed that my aunt was nervous, shortly after she told me that she was going to the room, I did the same and at ten o'clock there was Andrea in front of the webcam.

JAVIER // Hello darling, you haven't connected for two days.

ANDREA // Yes, I've been bad and I couldn't.

How I would have liked to tell her how a liar she was, but she had to go along with it.

JAVIER // What a shame! Are you okay?

ANDREA // Yes, I feel better now, and I have to tell you something.

JAVIER // Tell me what it is.

ANDREA // Before yesterday I went to the cinema with my nephew and ……………… ...

I listened as he related what had happened and how he told it in great detail, even about the man in the back row, so curiosity made me wonder if he really would have liked me to participate.

JAVIER // And what would you have done if that man had touched your tits?

ANDREA // Nothing, when my nephew told me I was very ashamed to admit it, but he would have excited me a lot that he had touched me. I'm behaving like a real pervert, right?

JAVIER // No honey, no pervert, but it's weird that you've gone from not having relationships to being willing to have them with a stranger.

ANDREA // Yes, it is very strange, because I was a woman with a simple life who lived without the need for sex, but since you contacted me you have awakened in me this sexual desire that I am unable to control, so you have been the one who me it has perverted and made me think of other men.

JAVIER // Good love, because everything is to propose, go with your nephew and look for another companion.

ANDREA // Nooo, one thing is for it to arise and another to go looking for it, I have no interest.

We continued chatting for a long time until I decided to attack the subject head-on.

JAVIER // Good love, now you have to fulfill what you promised and let your nephew fuck your ass in front of the camera so that I can see it.

My aunt moved her face and said that she had not fully recovered yet, that it was better to wait, so I insisted again.

JAVIER // But if you're going to like it silly, you already told me in the message. Also, it's as if you and I were doing it, when you do it, think that we are fucking together and that I am the one who penetrates your ass.

ANDREA // Damn, he's going to hurt, the other day he hurt a little with the dildo.

JAVIER // That's because you didn't lubricate yourself well. Also, in the message you told me that that night you would have liked your nephew to fuck your ass while you were sucking off his friend.

ANDREA // Yes, but at that time I was very excited and not now, I'm sure he's going to hurt.

JAVIER // What happens that you don't love me anymore? You told me that you would do everything I asked and now you reject my proposal, it is the only way to be together, that you feel a cock inside and think that it is mine and I see through the camera how you enjoy and think that I am the one who is fucking you.

ANDREA // Yes love, but I'm scared.

JAVIER // Also, you tell me that you are sick and then you tell me that you have been with your nephew in the cinema eating his cock, you have lied to me and on top of that, you reject me 

We love nowhere, we better let it go

ANDREA // No love, don't tell me that, forgive me.

It seemed like my aunt was starting to cry and I felt sorry for her, but she had to keep pushing if she wanted to get my award.

JAVIER // Okay, I see you don't love me enough, I already told you that my previous girlfriend would have done it without hesitation. I work a lot every day to be able to save and travel to see you, I don't go out with my friends and the little time I have free I dedicate to connecting and telling you how much I love you, but you who don't work are not capable of doing anything for me, you are very selfish. Maybe it's better that you look for a boyfriend in Las Palmas and I go back to my girlfriend who doesn't spend all day protesting about everything and loves to fuck in the ass, we better leave it.

ANDREA // No please - through the webcam it looked like she was crying - don't leave me, if you want I'll do it right now, but don't leave me.

The day before she presumed that she was punishing me, so I thought she had lost her, and now she had her in my hands again and could manipulate her at will.

JAVIER // It's fine darling, don't cry, but change your clothes and put on something provocative, take the lubricant and put it on the table, then go find your nephew and tell him to fuck your ass in front of the camera. Will you do it for me?

My aunt ran the back of her hand over her cheeks, wiping away what looked like tears and did what I had asked her, put the lubricant on the bed, put on a very short transparent black lace negligee and matching black panties , then left the room to fetch me. I was in my short pajamas waiting on the bed.

ANDREA // Hi Javi. Would you mind coming with me for a moment please?

She took me by the hand and led me to her room, placing me right in front of the webcam, she stuck to me, kissed my lips and whispering in my ear told me to follow the roll and do what she said, that I had to pretend that I was fucking his ass even though we weren't going to do it.

Fuck! I thought. She wants to cheat on her supposed boyfriend by pretending to have anal sex, so in the end I'm not going to fuck her great ass.

JAVIER // Why is that Andrea?

ANDREA // Chiiiisss, shut up and do what I tell you.

The very innocent did not know that it was I who was manipulating her to do precisely what she wanted to avoid.

JAVIER // She's fine, whatever you want.

My aunt kissed me hard, lay down on the bed and threw me on her. Immediately I lowered my head between her legs, I took off her panties and began to run my tongue over her vulva, she caught my hair between her fingers and squeezed hard so that she could not separate me. My tongue went up and down her lips, stopped at times on her clitoris and went down again, I grabbed her legs, raised them and my tongue accessed her anal orifice, I traveled her edges very slowly and then tried to penetrate her and put the tip to Through her tight sphincter, she was beginning to enjoy herself and her moans were heard as she moved her hips to press her ass against my mouth.

Seeing her degree of arousal I decided to sit up, I turned her onto her stomach, put a pillow under her belly and raised her butt as much as I could, in this position I could continue licking her anus with my tongue while my fingers caressed her clitoris.

Taking advantage of the fact that my aunt was writhing with pleasure, I got on my knees between her legs, took my cock out of my pajamas and prepared it for action. Andrea, who noticed, turned and smiled at me. It was clear that she expected me to fuck her pussy, so I put my cock in it and began to penetrate her grabbing her hips.

ANDREA // Watch out love, it's the first time I've been fucked in the ass, be careful.

She turned and smiled again with a wink at me. She believed that she was cheating on her cyber boyfriend and she was pretending to look at the camera with grimaces of pain.

ANDREA // Ayyy, watch out, it hurts.

I continued to penetrate her but at the same time I took the lubricant, I put it on my thumb and took it to her anal hole, first passing it on the outside and then slowly inserting it, now I was fucking her pussy with my cock and her ass with my finger. receiving no protest I continued lubricating her ass and inserting my finger further.

I leaned in slightly and began to caress her clit with my other hand, noticing it, my aunt began to gasp. She was so focused on the pleasure she was receiving that she did not protest when I pressed her anus to insert two fingers and they penetrated lightly into her rectum.

For an instant I left her clitoris and caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples hard, her reaction was immediate and she asked me to fuck her hard. I brought my lips to her ear and whispered to her to push her ass back so that my fingers would dig into it. She turned her face to look at me, snorted hard and pushed her hips back, getting her fingers inserted into her anus.

ANDREA // God! You are making me crazy.

My aunt moved back and forth like crazy and I kept sticking my fingers in her ass. I thought it was time to take another step and I took my cock out of her pussy and placed her pressing her anal sphincter, she turned surprised, but I pressed her head down supporting her on the sheet, I caught her by the hips pulling up and I pressed his hole with my cock, making the glans enter.

ANDREA // Not over there honey. She - she told me in a whisper.- It's going to hurt.

She tried to get up from her but I leaned on her to prevent it, I took my fingers to hers pussy of hers, I wet them in her flows and I lubricated her clitoris and then caressed it gently. When I felt my fingers on her sex, and when my cock did not go deeper inside her ass, my aunt relaxed. I was like that for a while until she swayed her hips rhythmically again, at that moment I kissed her neck and said.

JAVIER // Touch yourself Andrea, touch yourself now.

now I'm sure I have a wound.

He gave me a kiss and told me to leave, I quickly went to stand in front of my computer.

My aunt sat on hers and said.

ANDREA // Hi honey. Did you like it? Have you seen how my nephew fucked my ass?

He had a grin from ear to ear.

JAVIER // Much love, I have done two handjobs watching you, when he saw how he took you hard by the hips and fucked you hard, he thought that I was the one who was with you.

ANDREA // I also thought that you were the one who put it to me, my love. Did you really like it that much? Do you like to be fucked hard?

JAVIER // Yes love, you will have to repeat it again.

ANDREA // When you want love, I'll ask him to fuck me really hard for you. Did you see that he called me a bitch? Hahaha.

JAVIER // Has it bothered you that I do it?

ANDREA // Nooo, on the contrary, it excites me a lot to hear him. Do you mind if he calls me Zorra? If so, I tell you not to.

JAVIER // No honey, I don't care, I like it too.

ANDREA // You don't know how much I want to meet you personally and for you to be the one to fuck me and tell me a lot of dirty things. Will it ever be possible?

JAVIER // Of course my love, surely very soon, sooner than you think.

ANDREA // The first time I see you I'm not going to let you sleep all night, we're going to be fucking all the time. Hahaha.

JAVIER // Done! But first you will have to do more things than I tell you. Voucher?

ANDREA // Whatever you want, love.

We continued chatting for a long time, but I couldn't stop thinking what she would do if she found out that her cyber boyfriend was really her nephew, most likely he would kick me out of his house, but that would no longer have a solution, so from now on That night I had to find new ways to manipulate my aunt.

She took a hand to her pussy and began to jerk off while still rocking her hips while I sat up and pressed her sphincter again with my cock. When I noticed that it gave a little, I took the opportunity to introduce it a couple more centimeters inside her, Andrea reacted by grasping the sheets tightly and biting her lips in pain.

This did not prevent me from continuing with my intention of fucking that ass that I wanted so much, so I spread her cheeks with my hands and I could see how her sphincter finally succumbed to the pressure of my cock that very slowly was burying itself inside of that magnificent ass.

In this position, I moved my hips back to get my cock out, which made my aunt relax, but again I pushed, overcoming the resistance of her anus and threading more than half of it into her rectum. My aunt winced and turned her head quickly.

ANDREA // You're killing me You bastard! Don't take it out, it hurts more.

I went back again, this time without taking it out, to push again and put it deeper.

ANDREA // Fuck Javi! I told you that we were going to pretend you were sticking it in me, not that you did it, please don't hurt me.

JAVIER // Touch yourself Andrea, don't stop.

I stopped my penetrations and leaned over her taking one of her breasts, pinched her nipple and twisted it slightly. My aunt sighed and accelerated the movement of her fingers on her clit. Again I squeezed her nipple again.

ANDREA // Yesiii. Fuck, how do you know I like it! Please continue, but be careful my love.

I threw my hips against her ass and my cock sank even deeper. Andrea tensed a bit but this time she didn't say anything, seeing him, I started to move back and forth, fucking her ass with ease.

ANDREA // What a bastard you are! In the end you got away with it.

I pinched her nipple once more and said.

JAVIER // Do you want me to stop?

ANDREA // Not for God's sake !! Not now! Keep fucking me, don't stop.

My aunt moaned louder and louder and tried to lift her head from her, which I avoided by pressing her against the sheet.

JAVIER // Do you like it?

ANDREA // Yes my love, a lot, I notice how your cock fits my ass.

JAVIER // Do you want me to finish the whole thing?

ANDREA // Do what you want honey, but be careful.

I sat up, grabbed her hips and pushed hard until my entire cock was embedded in her ass.

ANDREA // Fuck! You're going to break me in two.

JAVIER // Do you want me to stop?

ANDREA // You know not, put it deep inside me, you bastard.

I smacked her ass hard and nailed her deep again. Not showing any gesture of pain, I repeated the spanking, this time on both cheeks, and again I buried my cock in her rectum, I could almost feel my balls hitting her butt.

ANDREA // Like this, like this. I want it all inside her. It feels so tight!

JAVIER // Do you like me to fuck you like this?

ANDREA // Yes, I love my love, you are the first man to fuck my ass.

JAVIER // And you are enjoying it. True?

ANDREA // Yes darling, a lot, keep fucking me.

My aunt's words were turning me on so much that I couldn't contain myself and began to push her hips back to thrust her with my cock.

JAVIER // How I wanted to fuck your ass. Fox!

ANDREA // Yes my love, I know, fuck him well, he's all yours.

My aunt tensed and fell on the bed while she came, I threw myself on her, thrusting my cock as far as I could and I continued to penetrate her hard until I saw that she was going to come. When she noticed it, she told me.

ANDREA // Cum on my ass love, I want to feel your cum inside her.

Instantly I came inside her and flopped down on her.

ANDREA // Did you like it love?

JAVIER // It was the best fuck of my life. And you?

ANDREA // Also darling, I was very scared, and at first it hurt a lot, but the end has been tremendous, the feeling of having such a tight cock in my ass is something I couldn't even think of.

JAVIER // Will we have to repeat it again?

ANDREA // Yes love, but when my ass rests,

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