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Room 110

Previous chapter

Without resigning myself to being his, I looked for the right moment and the perfect place. A February 16 that I will hardly forget.

When I got up I packed my suitcase, I had a lot of things ready for our meeting. What I didn't know is that the best thing is what is not prepared, what one does not expect, what comes unexpectedly and in my case, it comes to stay.

Nervously, I ran all my errands before heading to the meeting place. I took a shower, got ready, said goodbye to the family and left without giving any further explanation. While I was driving I looked at my clothes and thought to myself, would you like it? Will I be attractive enough? I kept driving while trying to internally resolve my doubts.

When I got to the place I called him:

- Where are you? - I asked for.

"I'm late, I forgot my suitcase at home and had to turn around, luckily my wife didn't see what was inside," she answered.

It was like a vase of cold water slowly being poured down her back.

Nerves began to take over me. At that time he had already been waiting 30 minutes. I decided to spend the time in the best way and taking off my panties slowly I began to touch myself a little, gently. He didn't want to orgasm, just make the wait more bearable.

Suddenly he arrived

Just getting out of the car and seeing him made the muscles in my body contract.

He gave me a look up and down and said, "UFFFFF .... How are you ...." He wrapped his firm hand around my neck and kissed me.

That day many things were going to happen, some with premeditation and treachery since everything was framed in an arduous and drawn plan, or not ...

to be continue....

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