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Room 110


"And it was those legs ... in that hallway ... that made me fall into temptation."

It all started with a deliberate, suggestive, and sensual leg movement between the aisles of a supermarket. Under the eager glances of men who passed me by, I made out a look that made me shudder. A look that was familiar to me, I had seen it before ...

I ran into him, it was him. Only those piercing blue eyes could cause such desire in me. Suddenly those childhood memories came to my mind, those sexual desires not fulfilled at that time.

As he passed me I couldn't resist the temptation to call him.

- Christian?

- Suzanne? - mmm ... okay, he doesn't remember me. All my fantasies vanished.

- I'm Anastasia, remember?

We started talking: about the family, about the past, what we would do tonight with the family (since it was December 31) ... We crossed words that I can't remember. But if I remember a phrase that stayed in my mind and together with the look that he gave me while he said it, it made it resonate in my mind for hours: "You are so beautiful" he told me while he reviewed my body from top to bottom.

We say goodbye. But for me, it did not sound like goodbye, I wanted to see him again.


Already in line at the supermarket, knowing that he was a few rows away, I did my best to make myself noticed, I crouched exposing my buttocks to his gaze. It worked! I turned around and there he was looking at me. Embarrassed that he caught him staring at me, he quickly looked away.

Days later his phrase was still in my mind: "You are gorgeous." I couldn't stop imagining those blue eyes ... I decided to look it up on social media. I found him and we started talking.


At first they were conversations without any evil, but the desire to have him between my legs was greater than my ability to contain myself. I couldn't stop imagining what it would be like if ...


Contrary feelings invaded me ... I longed for it but at the same moment my husband came to mind and my fidelity was questioned. The ambition was superior. I fell into his words, his messages telling me that he wanted me made me fall into temptation.


Without almost knowing how he was taking the car to go see him. She was nervous, very nervous! Didn't know what to do ... get out of the car? Will he go up? What am I going to talk about? Kiss him? Will he kiss me?


In a few seconds, all those questions were resolved. Without almost crossing more than a simple "hello" he had his lips kissing mine. I couldn't resist, I don't think I've ever kissed someone like that. Suddenly I found myself jumping on him, he pulled me into the car, and passion was unleashed.


We got into the car, and he took off my panties. He came down from my mouth to my vagina looking at me and licked me until I couldn't take it anymore, and I began to moan with pleasure. He fucked me until he came.

When I got home I was in a cloud, I could not believe it, without almost realizing it I was moaning in the car of which for a few moments was a stranger, a memory of childhood, an unfulfilled sexual desire that was finally fulfilled.

But I was thirsty for more. Of more kisses, of more caresses, of him taking me and making me his, of being at his mercy. I wanted to be his, to do with me what he wanted.

Such wish was fulfilled. We met several times, but the situation was difficult, a car, a parking lot, just a couple of hours ... that together with family obligations made the meetings, although very pleasant, always knew me little. I needed more, I wanted more, my desire for him to dominate me was greater and greater.



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